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Mobile Banking in parnership with ANZ goMoney
Mobile Banking in parnership with ANZ goMoney

Mobile Money

ANZ  goMoney initiative is a partnership with premiere Group of Companies Ltd. since 2013. Purpose of initiative is for Solomon Islanders to be financially inclusive - targeting 80% on the population who are un-banked.



IFC CEO Gender Awards (2015; Host awards event for 102 merchants and staff of Premiere Group of Companies Ltd to share success performance stories (2016). More than 75% of merchants are active users of the service.



Registering 40,185 customers since inception to date, 29,050 of registered  customers never had a bank account in their lives - evident this partnership is beneficial to rural communities in Solomon Islands. We also trained more than 23,000 locals throughout Solomon Islands.

Financial Services

  • Register new to bank customers for goMoney and educate them on the product.
  • Identify and register new merchants and management of merchant network.
  • Financial Inclusion - Facilitating financial literacy programs of money minded and business basics tothroughout the country