Premiere Group of Companies Limited
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Property  Management, including Rentals, is another core business line of Premiere Real Estate. 

The business has dealt with many clients from both overseas and locally. Our clients vary from individual home owners, to expats seeking accommodation for short or long term assignments, to commercial, industrial and government property owners. We use our expertise, networks and pool of energetic and experienced real estate staff to deal with all client needs and enquiries.


The various Property Management services provided include:

  • Rental of residential property for Property Owners; covering
  • Sourcing of a suitable tenant
  • Checking of prospective tenant’s credentials
  • Organisation of move in/move out issues

Rental of residential property for Tenants (particularly relevant to expat community)

  • Identification of suitable properties
  • Negotiation with Property Owners on behalf of Tenants

Full property management service for Property Owners covering:

  • Sourcing of a suitable tenant
  • Property inspections
  • Management of bond
  • Management of repairs and maintenance including improvements
  • Collection of rent and monthly remittance to Property Owners
  • Year end accounting 
  • Valuation of properties (private/commercial/industrial)
  • Provision of advice on property and rental markets