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Property Sales is a core business line of Premiere Real Estate. The business has dealt with many clients both from overseas and locally. Our clients vary from individual home owners to commercial, industrial and government property owners. We use our expertise and pool of energetic and experienced real estate staff to deal with all client needs and enquiries.

The various Property Sales services provided include:

  • Sale of residential property
  • Sale of commercial properties
  • Sale of industrial properties
  • Valuation of properties (private/commercial)
  • Acting as a Buyer’s agent; particularly if buyer is overseas
  • Provide advice on property and rental markets
  • Market appraisals of property values and other property market information
  • Training and development of clients on issues relating to market information and  other factors affecting pricing, valuation and safety and environmental issues
  • Management of properties and other service

Our Property Sales service can include a comprehensive range of services including auctions, bidding on behalf of buyers at a private sale or at auction, management of Trust Account for deposits, management of all other services required between reaching agreement and settlement.